Consider Donating

Oasis by the Bay Vacation Suites is a social enterprise that is branched off of E3 Community Services Inc. A local charitable organization that supports people with developmental disabilities and children in our community. When you stay at our motel, you’re also making a difference.

As a social enterprise we do not charge HST – Please consider donating during checkout by choosing the drop down menu when booking or click the donate button below.

We appreciate and thank you for your donation!

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Our Mission

To provide a fully accessible and welcoming motel experience for travelers of all abilities, where every guest can enjoy a comfortable and inclusive stay by the beach. We are dedicated to providing a place for families, travelers, and beach lovers to kick their feet up and relax, or adventure away! We aim to continuously innovate and expand our services to meet the evolving needs of our diverse clientele. By creating a warm and accessible beachside environment, where families can enjoy their vacation away.  Ultimately, we anticipate our guests’ needs, providing an effortless, seamless stay that allows them to relax and rejuvenate without a care in the world. 

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